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"The Side Canyon"

Havasupai Falls

Good Old Days

The coveted trail

Mt. Biking the Mogollon Rim: October 2003

New Year's Eve 2003

VW show February 2004

Papago Park playground

Rocky Point, May 2004

Cliff Dwelling Journey
October 2004

Halloween 2004

Rocky Point
November 2004

New Year's Eve 2004
Day pictures

Mexico May 2005

mexico_may_2005.zip 67.3MB

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
The Marquee, July 9, 2005

Side Canyon
The "Side Canyon"
August 2005
Papago Brewing Oktpberfest 2005
Papago Brewing
Oktoberfest 2005
Elbow - not good
Elbow gone bad
Rocky Point, Mexico November 2006
Rocky Point
November 2006


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