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Puerto Peñasco, (Rocky Point) Mid-November 2006

Gracie chasing her ball


Shrimp boat

Some of the crew

Mom at the aquarium,
petting the tortuga

Me & the tortuga

The sea lion waiting for handouts

The seal on the right is getting his share


More in the tank

Little guy

Moray eels are great kissers

Outside the aquarium

Looking for critters

Saturday night sunset over
Old Port

Sunset over Baja

Shrimp boats

Lois, Mommy, Roberta

More sunset...


Think I like sunsets?

Pimpin' ride

Looking across at Sandy Beach

Mouth of the port

John, Daddy-O, Ron

My favorite store

Sunday evening

Swarm o' pelicans

Blurry but nice

Should have used a tripod!

Lois & John, Roberta & Ron,
Mom & Dad

Yours truly with Gracie
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