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Somewhere northeast of Phoenix

The crew: Uncle Ron, Bob, Daddy-O, me

Our welcoming committee

Evening at the campsite

The start of a strenuous day

The brave warriors


Yes, that's the trail

Looking back down the deep, dark, spooky canyon

Taking a much needed breather

Myself included!


Heading up one of the waterfalls

Don't slip!

Bob making his way

Ron's turn

Dad's soaking in the surroundings

Truly amazing

Still climbing!

What a great trail


A splash of color

Just a bit of exposure


Just a little more climbing...

We made it!!!

Go ahead, Ron. You've earned it!

Inside the dwelling

Dad's just rewards!

Well-ventilated rooms

Not exactly spacious


A piece of the former ceiling

Who says this place is deserted?

Great view

What was the second floor

Another great view

The tower


A restless native

More of the ceiling

This shot almost sent me tumbling down the mountain!

The tribe on the return journey
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